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Super White [Quartzite]

Just in!  Super White! These are a beautiful premium selection of light shade of gray stone slabs  As you can see, the veining pattern is evenly distributed.  Plus, the colors and the shading are harmonious. Quartzite is has the hardness and durability of a granite; along with beautify and luster of marble. Any discerning buyer […]

Even Granite Changes

As the stone industry evolves, new ideas abound. The types and colors of different stones are unlimited. In recent years, the tools, machines and technology for cutting and polishing stone have changed dramatically. Traditionally, granite was produced with a high gloss polished finish. Now, many granites are available in honed and a patina finish. The […]

What is Class “C”?

Some of the most beautiful and unique stones are class “C” materials (as classified by the Marble Institute of America.) Technically any vein in a stone is a weakness. In class “C” materials these veins tend to dry and open thus becoming surface fissures. These stones may contain sticking or filling to furnish a smooth […]