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Why use granite for a kitchen counter top?

Granite comes in hundreds of colors with varying patterns and veins. It will never go out of style. Granite is extremely hard and dense and is resistant to scratches and acids. Hot plates can be placed directly on the surface.

Do I need to seal my granite counter top?

Some granites will be sealed with a silicone impregnator. Please consult with your stone fabricator or contractor. In most cases the granite is sealed at the stone shop. You may need to re-apply once or twice annually.

What are some of the different types of stones?

Marble – A metamorphic limestone. The crystal structure allows marble to take a polish. Granite – An igneous stone. Due to extreme pressure, granite is formed very dense with minimal pores. Limestone – A sedimentary stone. Limestone, not being crystallized, generally does not take a polish.

What is flamed granite?

Flamed or thermal is a rough finish which is produced from applying direct flame at high temperatures. This is commonly used in exterior commercial applications.

Even Granite Changes

As the stone industry evolves, new ideas abound. The types and colors of different stones are unlimited. In recent years, the tools, machines and technology for cutting and polishing stone have changed dramatically. Traditionally, granite was produced with a high gloss polished finish. Now, many granites are available in honed and a patina finish. The […]